About SPAN

Thank you for your interest in SPAN Outdoors Inc (SPAN). SPAN is a Sydney based outdoor club that welcomes everyone over the age of 18. Span trips cover a wide range of outdoor activities, including bushwalking, road cycling, mountain bike riding, canyoning, kayaking, abseiling, rock climbing and skiing together with regular social activities. Our activities are notified on our website, by email and in a program. Span also holds regular training days so you can increase your outdoor knowledge.

Before you join

All trips are led by volunteers. SPAN's program depends on members volunteering to lead trips/social activities. We encourage you to attend a visitor marked activity on Our Program to meet us. Select a suitable trip and contact the leader, giving details of your recent outdoor experience and any relevant medical conditions to allow the trip leader to decide whether you are suitable to attend the trip. When you attend the trip you will complete a sign on form.

Please read our Membership Guidelines which set out some hints on how to make your trip enjoyable. Our trips are covered by insurance.

As a visitor you are entitled to come on 3 trips before joining as a member.

Joining SPAN

Initial membership of SPAN costs $40 per financial year (if you join from July to December) or $20 if you join in the second half (January to June). Thereafter, renewal of membership is $40 payable each July. Membership is limited to those over the age of 18 years as we do not allow children to attend our activities.

To become a member, either:

After you join

Once you are a member you will get access to the SPAN web site. Also you will be sent instructions on how to get access to the SPAN group email list, where last minute trips are advertised, and changes to existing trips are announced.

If you have any questions then please contact the membership secretary.