Acknowledgement of Risks and Obligations

Please read the following Disclaimer in full before submitting your application.

This acknowledgement of risks applies to all club activities I may undertake as a member of Span Outdoors Inc. In voluntarily participating in activities of Span which are described to me by the activity leaders I am aware that my participation in the activities may expose me to hazards and risks that could lead to injury, illness or death or to loss of or damage to my property. I also acknowledge that I may encounter weather conditions that could lead to hypothermia and/or dehydration and being in locations where evacuation for medical treatment may take hours or days. In particular when participating in abseiling or above the snowline activities I am aware that these activities could expose me to additional hazards and risks described to me by the activity leader.

To minimise risks I will endeavour to ensure that:

  • The activity is within my capabilities and I am over 18 yrs,
  • I am carrying food, water and equipment appropriate for the activity,
  • I will advise the activity leader if I am taking any medication or have any physical or other limitation that might affect my participation in the activity,
  • I will carry and use my medication as necessary,
  • I will remain with the rest of the party during the activity and advise the leader of any concerns I am having,
  • I will comply with all reasonable instructions of club officers and the activity leader,
  • I will advise the leader if I suffer injury.

I have read and understand the above requirements. I have considered the risks before choosing to accept this acknowledgement of risk. I still wish to join the activities of the Club. I acknowledge that I will take responsibility for my own actions and that submitting my application and the payment of my subscription will be deemed as full acceptance and understanding of the above conditions.

Membership Fees

Prior to submitting this application you should read our Membership Guidelines and pay the club membership fees of:

  • $40 - 12 months (July - June), or
  • $20 - 6 months (January - June)

Membership fees can be paid to the club bank account:

Commonwealth Bank 
BSB 062009 
A/C Number 00911184

You should keep a copy of the payment Receipt Number.

Once you submit this application, and your membership fees have been received, our Membership Officer will contact you to provide you with details about SPAN including:

  • Username and Password to our web site
  • Instructions on how to join the club email group

If you have any difficulties applying for membership from this page please contact our Web Master.

Mailing List

SPAN Outdoors uses a mailing list to communicate with members. Subscribers will receive a weekly email describing upcoming trips, as well as important events related to the club, such as AGMs, and other news club members may be interested in.